Committee Roles and Officers

PresidentAngus McKnight
SecretaryHosnieh Marbini
ChairDenis O'Leary
Medical School RepresentativeGijs van Boxel
Graduate Entry Medical School RepresentativesNada Al-Asadi
 Hasanen Al-Taiar
Foundation School RepresentativesFadi Issa
 Marjan Ghazirad
Core Medical Trainee RepresentativeMartin Wilcock
Higher Medical Trainee RepresentativeGeorge Harston
Core Surgical Trainee RepresentativeJenny Isherwood
Higher Surgical Trainee RepresentativeNoel Peter
Psychiatry Trainee RepresentativesNada Al-Asadi
 Hasanen Al-Taiar
Interest Groups 
Research and publications officerGurdeep Singh Mannu
Conference committeeRoba Khundkar

Hasanen Al-Taiar

Tom Mawby

Angus McKnight

Suruchi Pandey
Masterclass committeetbc
Tutors' networkMartin Wilcock
Social media and marketingAngus McKnight
 Martin Wilcock
 Milap Rughani
Social representativeKatrien Naessens
External liaisonsMilap Rughani

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